Elaine Asarch

Artist's Statement

As a painter I like to explore what cannot be seen and express that allusiveness on the canvas. My work has its beginnings in the energy of the physical landscape and through altering form and creating depth through color and movement, it portrays a landscape of the imagination and aims to capture the “single, sacred moment.”


Elaine Asarch has been drawing and painting since childhood and artistic expression was central in her home. Her father was a violinist and her mother, a pianist. Creativity has been a driving force in her life and painting has been her form of self-expression. She has painted with water color, oils and acrylics and currently paints with oils on paper and canvas. Elaine was born in Des Moines, Iowa and attended the University of Wisconsin where she majored in art history. She continued her education at the University of Iowa and received her Bachelor of Arts degree there. She is a masters candidate at the University of Colorado Denver Campus. Elaine has practiced interior design since the late 1970’s and is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. She has always had an interest in architecture and preservation and is a member of Historic Denver. She also founded the Civic CenterConservancy in Denver to restore, activate and enhance this City Beautiful park.

Elaine studied in summer programs at the Des Moines Art Center and she continued her education with the following renowned artists:

Her work is in private collections in Denver, Santa Fe, Bozeman, Montana and Des Moines, Iowa. Elaine has participated in exhibitions at the Denver Design Center, Humphries Poli architectural firm, Cherry Hills Village Civic Center and Centrua Hospitals in Castle Rock, Colorado. Her goal is to express in color and abstraction that which is hidden. “When there are no words painting can express truths that cross-cultural barriers and gender and can speak to each individual in a unique way while also sending a universal message. When this occurs, life and art become one.”